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The Skin Project: Living Entropy Omni Commons May 2019

Produced by Wolf & Sheep Suspensions and Haus Serpens

Designer & Director: Jessica Irvin

Art Director/Lead MUA: Melanie Leandro MUAs: Elena Nommensen, Alicia Barry, Ava Bambico, & Karyn Jeanne Alley

Hair Stylist: Adrian S. Fynch

Production & Stage Manager: Super Kate Slepicka

Lighting Designer: Dave M Lynch

Audio Engineers: Grace Wood & Robb

Steel Fabrication: Nathan Doe, Emily Scanlan, Milo Burkholder, Doug Smode, Adrian Fynch, Jeanne Pineau

Ambient Soundscape: Nathan Schmidt

Performance Artists: Cellista, Operafication, Haus Serpens, Emily Jean Cary Spoken Word performed by Emily Jean Cary; written by Jessica Irvin with excerpts from Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce & Song of Myself by Walt Whitman. Edited by Rosalie Barnes WANTS performed by Cellista & Operafication with movement by Haus Serpens

Living Sculptures: Raven Ebner facilitated by Jeanne Pineau Luna Duran facilitated by Gretchen Heinel Jamila facilitated by Emily Scanlan Adrian Fynch facilitated by Joshua Letton Morgan De Heer facilitated by Milo Burkholder Iris Adelina Pérez facilitated by Sasha Belenkiy Patricia Cram facilitated by Doug Smode

Lead Piercer: Josh Parkhurst Installation Riggers: Milo Burkholder, Josh Letton, & Doug Smode

2019 Build Crew Jessie Sparkles, Evelyn Svendsen, Koy Bui, Mike Coons, Mojo DeVille, Essie DeVille, Ian Hunt, Breanna Kay Cornell, Sylvia Walton, Anna Quinones, Mahalia Sol, Hannah Berchard, Katharina Marie, Schandelle Acosta, Steve Joyner, Daniel Thomas, Elena, Jose, Skye X Esutesu, Minus, Amani Wade, Feral Peterson

Photo by Catbutt


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