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Spring approaches! In one week’s time, we release OTHER OF BEETLES: Ossuary Erotica, Volume I: Issue III. With this issue, we offer four new stories, traversing insatiable wounds, mirrors of blood, hunting grounds, and a body as graveyard, including a two-part collaborative story written under the guidance of divination, dreamwork, and ritual actions carried out across a period of six weeks.   

View the trailer for this issue here.

Preorder here.

Complements with Preorder: Formulated specifically by Janine Hagal of Black Earth Botanica to accompany the thematics of this release, we offer four sticks of incense—one for each story in our Spring Equinox issue. Limited quantities will also be made available for purchase after the preorder period.  

Description by Black Earth Botanica

WATCHER... a unique scent and spirit collaboration between Black Earth Botanica and Other Of Beetles. Featuring henbane, the eyes of the underworld, this limited edition specialty incense is scented with wild forest fragrances that evoke the call of ceremonial workings and the sensuous dark of lands unknown. Black spruce, the ancient teacher, stands tall, while spikenard roots pull you below. Saturnalian resins bind, and iron nails protect, leaving you with a hint of rust, nightshade, and moondark. Burn for spellwork, defense, or dream work, in a ventilated area.


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