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A publishing collaboration by Snakeroot Works and The Altar(ed) Slate. Excerpts and information here.


A magical realist novel exploring the fate of the female body in areas of tribal conflict.


2019. MIASMA ASPEXI: A Divinazine dedicated to Hexagram 14: Fire Over Heaven
An oracular companion who speaks in the tongues of poetry and calls the seeker to action. For the lifting of veils, the unearthing of sight, the catalyzing of intention. In these pages, may the blazing way be seen. Presented by Snakeroot Works in collaboration with In Solace Publishing. 44 pages. To purchase, visit the store.


2018. THE SILENT GARDEN: A Journal of Esoteric Fabulism
Nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award
Contributed the short story: “Embolus of Cinnabar”. The Silent Garden is a peer-reviewed journal of esoteric fabulism, edited and curated by the Silent Garden Collective, a professional group of editors, writers, and scholars interested in exploring those liminal borderlands where darkness bends. The Collective’s aim is to provide an annual journal of exceptional writing and art focussed on horror and the numinous, the fabulist, the uncanny, the weird, the gnostic, the avant-garde, the esoteric, and the dark interstices of the known and unknown world. Available via Undertow Publications.


MINERALIS: Stories of a spirit unfixed; mountainous divulgence; menstruation. A collection of five pieces in a 48-page zine. Presented by In Solace Publishing and Snakeroot Works. Sold out.


2015. PENUMBRAE: An Occult Fiction Anthology
Co-editor of, with Daniel A. Schulke and Richard Gavin, and contributor (short story: “Turquoise on a Bed of Skulls”) to PENUMBRAE: An Occult Fiction Anthology. Available via Three Hands Press.


2000-2010. VIAL
- Editor, Writer, Designer.
Vial Magazine published nonfiction dreams and nightmares, articles of depravity, and strove to visually manifest the recesses of human unconsciousness. The magazine was born of the need to make evident the illegible symbols of dreams, to make grace of subversion and violence, and to exploit the death of meaning in language and sign. Sold out.


2010. For Scarlet Imprint’s poetry anthology, DATURA
- Poem: “Blood-Fed Tree”


- A book of relics: design and layout.


- Article: "His Bones Inside"

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